XUnit Ignore test at runtime (with SpecFlow tag @IgnoreLocally)

XUnit Ignore test at runtime (with SpecFlow tag @IgnoreLocally) Code –> https://github.com/chrismckelt/XUnit.OptionallyIgnore NuGet –> https://www.nuget.org/packages/Xunit.SpecFlow.AssertSkip/ As Xunit has no Assert.Ignore() using the OptionallyIgnoreTestFactAttribute attribute on a method and setting McKeltCustom.SpecflowPlugin.Settings.IgnoreLocally == true will ignore the test […]

NServiceBus Powershell Install

$Arguments = ‘/install /startManually /serviceName:{0} /displayName:{0} NServiceBus.Production /username:{1} /password:{2}’ -f ‘McKelt.securitytokenservice.nservicebus.messagehandler’, ‘xxxx@au.McKelt.net’, ‘PasswordGoesHere’ $nServiceBus = Resolve-Path -Path nServiceBus.Host.exe; Write-Host -Object (‘Argument string is: {0}’ -f $Arguments); Write-Host -Object (‘Path to nServiceBus.Host.exe is: {0}’ -f $nServiceBus); […]

WPF UI Thread Dispatcher

A simple implemention for calling asych methods from the UI   Examples   1. dispatcher.ExecuteOnMainUIThread(CommandManager.InvalidateRequerySuggested);   2. dispatcher.Execute(() => { SomeLongRunningMethodHere(); });   The interface using System; namespace Mvvm { public interface IDispatcher { void […]