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Azure Service offering

Cloud Adoption Framework

For organisations just starting out their journey and those looking to better their governance structure, we facilitate and deliver the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework.

This will give your organisation a future plan on how to move and operate a governed Azure enterprise environment.


To provide optimal cloud infrastructure we will help you

· Connect your on-premise Active Directory to Azure Active Directory (AAD) ​ · Connect your on-premise network to Azure · Setup Azure Security Centre to continuously monitor and assess your environment​

· Re-host through PAAS/Containers/ VMs using Azure Migrate · Re-factor to serverless · Re-architect to use existing Azure services

Azure Integration Services

Azure integration services provide an enterprise ready, event-based, serverless compute experience that drives efficiency and consistency when connecting applications across the Cloud and on-premise.

We have expertise in enterprise messaging services and couple this with modern software design patterns focusing on serverless iPAAS (integration Platform as a Service). This allow our solutions to scale on demand and automatically react and respond to issues. Monitoring and alerting are built into the platform allowing quick identification and resolution for system failures.


Workload Migration

We identify workloads that make sense to migrate to the cloud. Where doing so has numerous benefits from cost savings to maintainability.

We assess applications, networks, databases and virtual machines on benefits attained from migration and implement a plan to migrate them through the following process.



Microsoft Cloud Services

  • Platform
    • API Management
    • IaaS & PaaS
    • Hybrid (cloud & on-premise)
  • Application
    • API first
    • Microservices
    • Serverless
    • Web services
  • Integration
    • Microsoft products and services (i.e. D365 CE, D365 FO, Business Central, PowerBI)
    • Non Microsoft Services (i.e. SalesForce, HubSpot, IBM Maximo, SAP, Sage Micropay, Concur, Equifax, Green ID, Xplan)
    • Banks - CBA, ANZ,Nab,, Open Banking
    • Sage Micropay
  • Security
    • Application (OAuth, SAML, OpenID)
    • Platform (RBAC, Policies)
    • IAM (Identity & Access Management)
  • IOT
    • Device
    • Edge
    • Hub
    • Data & BI integration
  • Migration
    • On-Premise to Cloud
    • Azure DevOps
  • ALM (Alerting, Logging & Monitoring)
    • Application
    • Platform
    • Costing


  • Application life cycle management
  • Continuous integration and delivery
  • Automated testing
  • Agile development approach


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