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D365 FO OData proxy generation

To create the D365 FinOps C# OData Proxy do:

1. Install the following plugin

2. Using a Visual Studio Standard Library project and add a new ‘Connected Service’




3. Open the Reference.cs  file in VS Code (VS Code seems to handle the file better than Notepad++ and Visual Studio)

4.  Search for the EDMX mega string in the file

private const string Edmx  = @”[mega big xml string we need to change]”

5.   Cut the EDMX mega string and place in a file on disk call edmx.xml  on disk.  Change  “” to “

Set this to be file to be embedded content in your Visual Studio project


5. Search for the below function name and replace with the code below:

6. Now create your own proxy wrapper with authentication using:

7. Sample unit test to create a sales order


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