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Interview Process

Interview Process

Pairing Interview

This workbook is designed to help focus on the important aspects of the interview. Take as many or as few notes as you need to answer the following questions, and fill in the interview summary:


What design process did they use before /while building the solution? We are looking to identify the ability decompose the problem into a possible solution. What processes and or tooling did they use?

Draw a comprehensive diagram and explained the solution on a white board including a rough architecture diagram.


On a white-board, can the user draw the logical architecture or their solution? We want to assess their ability to communicate their solution using a diagram as well as what thought they put into it.

Why did they choose their technology stack?

We want to assess why they choose the tools and frameworks they used. Are there better solutions? Can they explain a good level of details for their technology? Ideally they can advocate for their solution.

Expect different levels of technical knowledge based on the position of the candidate.

Choose a tech stack that he was familiar with (Angular, Azure Functions) that was aligned to the problem space.

Code & Development

Do they understand their own code? They’ll be writing against their own solution, so if they’re not able to, we can kill the interview immediately.

How productive are they?

We shouldn’t expect them to solve everything in the hour, but we would have an expectation of where someone at their level should get.

Very productive, made all of the requested changes. Are they comfortable in the development environment? Ideally we should ask them to use their own laptops so that they have the tools and setup they used to create the solution. We’re looking to see how mature they are in their use of tools, and would expect them to be pretty competent typing, using shortcuts etc.

Super comfortable / capable within Visual Studio Code. Learned a few new features watching him code.  

Team Work & Communication

Are they willing/able to start writing code? We want to see a willingness to take on writing code in front of someone, even if they’ve never paired before.

How do they respond to feedback?

If they’re too defensive or overly accepting we’d need to think of how this would work in a team.

Do they make sure the person they’re working with understands what they’re doing? The pairing interviewer may not have seen their solution before, so we want to make sure they don’t just smash on and forget the person they’re pairing with.

We want to see how they interact and deal with other developers, and explain their work and thought process.


Is this someone I would want on my team? Is this person someone I could work with day-to day?

Yes, I think he has a good team fit as well as technical capability.

What is the breadth and depth of the candidate’s technical knowledge? Ideally we want well rounded team members, with a core competency and complementary skills.

Seems to have a good level of ASP.Net Core & mobility exposure. Has additional experience in Azure and Machine Learning.

Where are the gaps or boundaries in the candidate’s knowledge? What do they know well and where will they need to improve?

Possibly on the technical architecture side of things based on his architecture diagram on the whiteboard.


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