Configure D365 fo and event grid

Overview on how to publish data entity changes from Dynamics Finance and Operations to Azure Event Grid.

Step 1

In D365FO, Navigate to the Business Events Catalogue page


Step 2

Navigate to the endpoints tab and select ‘Azure Event Grid’


Step 3

In Azure, create an application service registration


Take note of the Application Id and the Secret Id

Step 4

In Azure,  create an Azure Event Grid Topic

Copy the Access Key


Step 5

In Azure,  create an Azure Key Vault with a key called



The secret value is the Access Key for the Event Grid Topic

Step 6

On the key vault – grant access to the secret for the Application Registration



Step 7

In D365FO ‘configure an endpoint’ and enter the Azure Event Grid Topic endpoint

It now requires the Application Id & Application secret + the key vault name + name of secret in key vault (to get the Access Key)


Step 8

An endpoint should now display


Step 9

Activate the following 2 business events

  • BusinessEventsAlertEvent
  • BusinessEventsDueDateAlertEvent


select your newly created endpoint

Step 10

From the customers list, create a custom alert


Configure the alert to happen when the record is created, deleted or a field changes


Ensure ‘Send Externally’ is true

Step 11

Edit the customer and change the field with the alert on it & save the record

Step 12

view an alert & business event arrives in the following table

XXXXX == your organisations URL
YYYY == your company


if no record appears here – you might need to fix your batch jobs

Step 13

Verify that your Azure Event Grid Topic has received the customer change events


Step 14

The below payload structure is sent to Event Grid


Subscribing to published Events in Flow


Sample extract (which was pushed to teams)

  • ID = BULK-002
  • Event = LocationChanged
  • Payload = {“BusinessEventId”:”BusinessEventsAlertEvent”,”ControlNumber”:5637145330,”Email”:””,”EventId”:”D60A8657-E87C-43A8-8D7D-826EBF0490D7″,”EventTime”:”/Date(1570769681000)/”,”FieldId”:3,”Link”:””,”MajorVersion”:0,”Message”:”LocationChanged”,”MessageDetails”:”View Location: BULK-002, 24″,”MinorVersion”:0,”ParentTableId”:8565,”RuleId”:”000428″,”Subject”:”LocationChanged”,”TableId”:8565,”TypeTrigger”:”FieldChanged”,”UserId”:”Chris.McKelt”}

Key Points for setting up change alerts in D365 FO

  1. Alerts should be setup under 1 user with admin permissions (on test this is the dual write user)
  2. Setup  a Batch Group called INT (integration) and allocate servers to it
  3. image
  4.    Ensure the Batch Job is setup as below (note the user) 


Exported Logic App / Flow Example to listen to events and send to Teams channel